Do Yourtype prints come framed?

Our prints are supplied unframed, sent to you in a postal tube.

How long will it take?

This varies depending how busy we are, we always try to get your order out to you as quickly as possible.

For orders made up of only Readymade designs we like to have them on their way to you within 2 weeks of order date.

Bespoke designs might take a little longer, there may be a slight delay before the team can get to design your print based on your submitted requirements.  We will send a digital proof at this point to the email address provided to us.  We always try to get Bespoke orders sent to you within 2 weeks of the proof being approved.

Where's my order?

Please allow us time to process your order, if you have been waiting for more than 2 weeks for a Readymade print or for more than 2 weeks from the date you approved a Bespoke print please get in touch and one of the team will let you know the progress of your order as soon as possible. 

A digital proof of your Bespoke design will be emailed to you.  THE PROOF MUST BE APPROVED BEFORE ANY BESPOKE ORDER IS SENT TO PRINT (we are happy to tweak proofs until you are satisfied, sometimes you only know what you want once you see what you don't want, we get that, it's fine).  Have you replied to the email containing your proof? 

If your order was processed through PayPal please ensure the email address linked to your PayPal account is current and functioning, this is where your proof will be sent unless you tell us otherwise.

What are serifs?

These appear as an option throughout the site, also Sans Serif (meaning without serifs).

Serifs are best described as a fine line finishing off the main strokes of a letter, eg. at the top and bottom of an M.

They tend to appear on more traditional looking fonts like 'Times New Roman' which we are using here.  Sans Serif fonts tend to be more modern fonts like 'Helvetica' which you are probably familiar with.